About Us & Our Ethics

About Us 


Little Clothing Co was established in 2017 and is Australian owed and run by two Mums that understand the need for good quality and comfortable clothes for their little ones. 


Our Ethics


We believe in slow fashion and fair manufacturing. We love timeless designs with a touch a boho and vintage influence. However we steer away from following trends, instead focusing on comfort and pieces with extended wear (you'll notice we use a lot of features like foldable cuffs and adjustable ties). 


To us, fair manufacturing means our chosen factories treat their workers right, pay fair wages and have good working conditions.


 We only work with a few very carefully chosen manufacturers that have met our ethics. These are located in India, China and Sri Lanka. Some of our items are designed here in Australia by us, and others are designed by the artisans in the manufacturers themselves. We choose to make only small runs of garments as we do not believe in mass produce which is not best for the environment. 


Our Indian factory is located in Mumbai and is GOTS certified. We chose this factory as they have strong ethics and a desire to produce beautiful organic cotton. 


We use a second Indian factory in Jaipur. The traditional and highly sustainable art of block print is their focus and passion. Only using natural dyes, their use of organic fabrics, beautifully block printed by skilled artisans seemed like a dream come true. We are so excited to release our first items from this factory for Summer '20. 


Our Sri Lankan factory focuses on Organic knitwear which we plan to release in Winter '21. GOTs organic knitwear is hard to source, and we were so lucky to find this beautiful factory. 


Our two Chinese factories are small manufacturers (one mostly family based which we love!) that produce only small runs of clothing. 


Also considering our customers, we try keep our prices fair. Being a family run online business, we can keep our overheads low (We don't spend a lot on things like fancy marketing and photography. We are also lucky to not pay warehouse fees and we post each and every beautiful order out ourselves). We take pride in passing these savings on to our customers and we know it hasn't gone unnoticed from the e-mails and messages we receive (thank you!).


From production to simple packaging, we are striving to make a difference where we can. Thanks for stopping by! 


Little Clothing Co